ACSS offers a number of in home services to seniors in our community. These services take the form of Telephone Reassurance, Vial of Life, Smoke Detector Program, Lifeline, Outreach and an Information and Referral Service. To take advantage of any of these services, please call the office at 463-4439.

Calls are made on a regularly scheduled basis to check on the well being of those homebound elderly who desire the service. In the event there is no answer to the telephone call, a staff member will make a personal visit to determine if a serious problem exists.

Adams County Senior Services provides to seniors, at no cost, a plastic vial containing your medical information. This vial is placed in a specific area inside your refrigerator. If an ambulance is called to your home, attendants will check the front door for a Vial of Life sticker, which tells them that your medical information can be found inside your refrigerator. They can then retrieve the vial and your information and assist in caring for you.

Volunteers will install smoke detectors and change batteries for seniors. As our inventory allows, Adams County Senior Services will supply up to two smoke detectors and up to two batteries per household. Please call 402-463-4439 for more information.

ACSS can help set seniors up with a Lifeline, which is an easy-to-use personal response service that ensures that older adults living at home get quick assistance whenever it is needed-24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When users need help, they just press the waterproof Personal Help Button they wear as a pendant or wristband. Within seconds, a certified Lifeline monitor responds, assesses the situation and summons appropriate help, whether it is a neighbor, relative or ambulance.

ACSS has coupons to help with the cost of installation. Call Kathy at 463-3349 if you're interested.

Trained outreach personnel call on senior citizens to advise them of our available services. Most of these individuals are referred to us by other agencies, friends and family members.

As of November 1, 2012, Adams County Senior Services will no longer arrange independent contractors to provide light housework, lawn care or snow removal as it has been done in the past. Beginning November 1, ACSS will reimburse the client directly. The client will become responsible for hiring the service worker of their choice. The client and the person they hire will negotiate the rate of pay per hour as well as the jobs that need to be done.

ACSS will maintain a referral list and continue to do background checks on providers wanting to be on this list.

For clients who apply for financial help, ACSS will provide up to $8.75 per hour, to a maximum amount of $500 dollars per fiscal year, as funding allows. The client will be responsible for any cost greater than the maximum amount allocated per hour, per fiscal year.

Please call Kathy at (402) 463-4439 if you are interested in applying for financial assistance to help cover cost for handyman or homemaker services.

The ACSS staff regularly attends various training sessions to keep abreast of changes in services and programs affecting older Americans. This informations is catalogued for ready reference when answering questions. When needed, referrals are made to other agencies.


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